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Our software covers the following scope of service

Coating Inspection

Special graphite layers at the piston. The inspection covers their location (incl. tolerances), completeness and outline.

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Placement Inspection

Completeness check of the placement of theoretically random components. In parallel, the quality of the assembly-components can be inspected.

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Reading datamatrix data, either for the inspection or for the traceability system

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Backlightning Inspection

Backlightning inspection by the example of an engine piston. The task is to detect foreign objects, chips etc. in ring grooves.

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Foundry Defect Inspection

Surface foundry defect inspection by the example of a piston. The programme disposes of a new developed foundry defect classifier that is easy to implement.

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Surface Inspection

By the example of a synchronizer ring. The ring gets recorded from the outside and inside by a line scan camera. Afterwards, the recorded surfaces get…

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Robot Controller

The task has been to supply the machine with individual pistons of a pallet by the help of a robot.

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Concentricity Control

Circle classifiers enable not only the measurement of circular objects, but also an inspection regarding ovality and concentrity.

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Telecentric Inspection

Telecentric inspection at an anchor bundle of laminations. High-precision inspection with a deviation of +0.03 mm.

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Traceability System

The programme disposes over an own integrated traceability system that stores inspection parts via DMC including pictures in a data base.

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Inspection of Valve Pockets

Valve pockets at the piston can be inspected regarding their position and contour. The surface quality and size of the valve pocket can be inspected with a high precision.

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Hub-Systems at Gears

Hub-systems present specific challenges, as various high precision inspections are required

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