Placement Inspection

Picture 1 shows the inspection at the engine piston.

It is inspected if the piston rings are properly clipped and installed and if the distance of track joint is correct. In parallel, broken or bent rings are detected. The same applies to rails and the testing of spring rings. In addition, the correct installation of the piston pin, the appropriate fit of the circlip, the amount of oil holes and the fit of the ni-ring is inspected.

Picture 2 shows a hub-system that inspects the right fit of the plastic- and steel stones. The teeth get inspected, as well as the ramp of the teeth at the plastic stone. It is important that the three steel balls and their related spring at the steel stone get inspected additionally.

Picture 1 (Inspection of the piston rings)

Bestückungsprüfung am Motor-Kolben

Picture 2 (Inspection of a hub-system)

Bestückungsprüfung bei einem Hub-System

Example video (Inspection of a hub-system)

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